Thursday, July 30, 2009

TIE me over!

Ties are NOT cheap, a good tie at Dillards will run you $40-50 a piece. So when we decided to have the groomsmen wear "skinny" ties I searched high and low for the best deal!! "WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN dinner" as my friend Ryan would say!

I found the boys "skinny" lime green ties, and D's "skinny" black tie all for $78 TOTAL @ KRISAR.COM each tie was $9!!! I love a good deal!

Speaking of good deals, don't underestimate in store shopping. Remember my awesome Damask napkins? I paid $4.95 for 20 in a set, and bought 5 sets. Well, my co-worker found similar napkins at Target for $1.99 a set of 20, I bought 7 sets and canceled my first order! Not to mention they had the matching Damask guest book for $22! I was about to pay $40 on GEESH from now on I will look and touch it in person (if I can) and then scour the internets (yes, that is a Tennessee term) for a bargin!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!

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