Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Decor Recap and Breakdown

This was a bigger chunk of my budget than I think I planned on it being, or maybe I included more under the "Decor" umbrella than I originally thought? Oh well here is the run down and cost.

Grand Total: $997.82 (excluding Flowers) Budget $500 (woops)

Here is the break down......

Linen Rentals: Southern Events Total $466.00
This was for 18 Table Cloths (Solid) @ $14 a piece and 18 Table Runners @ $10.00 (Baroque Pattern) price included laundry and damage insurance.

Caterer Provided Table Cloth for Food Tables and Gift Table.

Center Pieces: (Excluding Flowers): Total $102.17
1. Vases 12 borrowed from a family friend price FREE, Hurricane Vases 8 bought from Wal-Mart @ $4 a piece
2. Apples bought at GFS @ $4.99 a bag used 2 bags for all 8 Hurricane Lamps
4. Picture frames 18 bought from Wal-mart @ $1 a piece
5. Pictures from Snapfish 18 @ .29 cents a piece
6. Candles 3 Boxes of 12 @ $6.99 a piece at Wal-Mart
7. Specialty Damask Candles for Food Tables $8 for a box of 4 (2 boxes) bought online.

Chair Rentals: Grand Central Party Rentals total $198
(Let me add this They delivered and picked up the chairs, they were 2hrs late for Delivery and 6 Hours late for pick-up! LOTS OF HEAD ACHES)

180 Black Folding Chairs @ $1.10 a piece (cheapest anywhere by FAR!)

Paper Poms and Wreath's: Made by sweet Family and Friends total $53.78

6 Styrofoam Balls $3.99 each @ Michaels
2 Styrofoan Wreaths $3.99 each @ Micahels
10 Packets of Tissue Paper .99 a piece @Wal-Mart
4 Spooils of Ribbon $2.99 each @ Wal-Mart
Glue Gun and sticks we already had.

Candelabra's and Candles: The Potting Shed total $155.92
2 Candelabra's @ $50 a piece
16 Off White Pillar Candles @ $6.99 a 2Pack @ Michaels

Unity Sand Ceremony: Total Cost $21.95
1. Vases from Old Time Pottery $13.97
2. 2 Bags of Sand from Michaels $3.99 a piece
3. Pedistool borrowed from Church

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  1. How did you make your paper poms? Any tips or tricks? Main question: how did you cut all your tissue paper and apply to the syrofoam. Thanks!