Thursday, December 3, 2009

Food and Booze Recap!

Food was by far the biggest chunk of our budget, but it was also Budget friendly. We had Guesstimated around $10 a head for food (sounds unreasonable I THINK NOT TO THIS BRIDE!)

HOW???? The upside of getting married in a really small town is the wonderfully talented local Caterer's who don't mark their food THROUGH THE ROOF.

Are you ready for this? NO really sit down. We fed 220 people for $2,400 that is $11 BUCKS A HEAD! You're thinking what did they eat salad and ROLLS? Nope the Menu was the Following

Reception Menu:
  • Carving Station of Roast Beef, and Ham with Sauces, and Sister Shubert Rolls
  • Chicken Tenders (for the kids) w/ Honey Mustard
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Harvest Spring Salad
  • Cheese, Fruit, and Cracker Station
  • Meat Balls
  • Tea, Coffee, Water
  • Plates, *Tea/Water Glasses,Utensils, Coffee Cups, Cake Plates
*We provided our glassware for the bar

Plus she provided her own servers, table cloths, my cake table (and cloth), and she set up on Friday to be ready for Saturday!!!

Who is this magician of Food that can save you TONS of cash? Paula Nadler 615-384-4357 tell her Amber sent ya! She has already booked 2 weddings from my wedding alone!

Wine and Beer:
Well we had a bit of a mishap with our beer. We had order 3 Kegs from a local quick mart at $75 a Keg (quite a steal), I placed the order 3 weeks in advance and thought we were good to go. I didn't follow up the week of the wedding because I ASS-U-MEd that we were good to go! NOT, Keg's were never ordered and we had to scramble. It worked out in the end and turns out we only needed 2 kegs, good thing because that is all we could find last minute! LOL

Total for Booze Budget $500 total $499.40 (that's how I roll)

  • 2 Kegs at $200 for the two
  • 60 Bottles of Red and White Wine $4.99

Wine we got a great deal on through a friend's dad's Liquor Store. Warehouse Liquors in Springfield, TN!!! Thanks Bentley!

We didn't use a bar tender, I just had my Matron of Honor's husband and friend set up kegs on ice and pop the bottles of wine before the guest arrived and folks served themselves. This worked out well, and my two friends just kept checking in on the bar periodically. (This is a dicey move, some facilites require a licensed bartender and insurance policy just an FYI. )


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