Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Flowers were about the easiest (for me) decision, and execution during the planning process. I have the wonderful advantage of having a floral artist in my family, so she graciously volunteered her services for the wedding and she did an AMAZING job! I gave her a few flower suggestions and colors and she did the rest and VIOLA we have flowers!

Budget $500 Total $400 WOOOOOT!
She bought the Flowers at Wholesale and did charge me for Labor (that's what family's for!) So I shave a HUGE amount off my total cost doing my flowers this way, and I couldn't be happier!

The Beautiful Ceremony Piece

Mother's Corsages

Beautiful Center Piece at the Reception Site


My Bouquet

It has Lace from my mother's bridal gown, and a Golden Nugget that was melted from my Grandparents Wedding Bands. It was a really special piece.

Tomorrow FOOD!

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  1. Where did she buy the flowers?

    I have been looking at your site in amazement and realized we have the same area code. Great for me! Thanks for all of the information.