Friday, December 11, 2009

Odd's and Ends Recap

This will be the last recap and I will work on the FINAL TOTAL for Monday's post. As you saw this week our original budget was $7,500 and I think we stayed really close to that. Here are a few loose ends....

  • Day of Coordinator was our Dear friend and Matchmaker's Wife Lottie Claytor, she handled all my rehearsal and day of stress and she did it FOR FREE as a wedding gift to us, I can't tell you what a huge help she was and also how important it is to have someone field EVERYTHING for you! She is quite reasonable and I would be happy to refer her to you.
  • Dave's Wedding Band was bought at for a whoppin' $99 no tax, free shipping! We ordered the wrong size and they exchanged it no worries, and really quickly.
  • My Beauty Team was my good friend Nicole Crabtree Miller and my bridesmaids. I had originally planned to hire a make-up artist, but I have capable friends and it ended up looking great and saving me $225. Nicole charged me just $25 for my wedding run though and she did my hair for FREE as a wedding gift to me, I am just saying folks, its good to be nice to people and have FABULOUS FRIENDS!!!!
  • Our Honeymoon was a whoppin' $519 TOTAL for our 5 night 6 day cruise to Mexico, we got the early bird special at $219 a piece, plus fee's and such. We spent another $500 on the ship on drinks and shore excursions. So all together $1019!
This wraps up the recaps of our wonderful day, I am still obsessed with looking at the pictures and can't wait to plaster the wall's in them! LOL

Have a happy safe weekend....See you Monday!


  1. Where do you go about renting a parachute for a wedding ceiling decor?

  2. More info about the mexico trip would be amazing, that's where my soon to be & I are planning on going.

  3. Where did you rent the parachute from? I have been searching and can't find one.

  4. How is the ring you ordered holding up? I would love to buy one online to save money, but am nervous about the quality! Thanks!