Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please.........

Sorry for the delay.....I was a tad bit embarrassed to post today's post. I had NO IDEA we had BLOWN our budget so bad. I mean WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I hope D doesn't start reading this blog NOW!

Well Total Budgeted Wedding was $7,500 total spent (winching) $9,378.82

that is $1,878.82 OVER budget, good lord how did that happen? and where was I? LOL

I guess its a good thing we didn't notice until now, and that the Good Lord has blessed us to pull off such an event. Now we can look back and enjoy it though all or amazing pictures!

I hope this blog has helped you see how you can save $$ and pull off an event in a short amount of time. I will continue to blog ALL the helpful tips, and trends I can find. As much as I hate to admit it I am a little wed-obsessed!

Happy Planning!

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  1. Hello. I absolutely love your ideas, blog, pics. What caught my attention was the parachute. LOVE IT! I'm helping a friend decorate for her daughter's Quinceanera this April 2012. I would love to recreate the parachute on the ceiling for her. Can you tell me more about how to do this? Did you hang the parachute yourself etc. etc? Thank you. Lorri Parsons