Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hair Raising!

Being the daughter of one of the finest Cosmetologist in the state, has made me a little narcissistic about my W-Day hair. I have 2 count em' 2 hair run throughs this week. Tonight I will have a run through with one of mom's students at The Salon Professional Academy and on Thursday night I have a run through with the Beautiful and talented Nicole Crabtree Miller who will be doing my actual wedding day hair. Why 2 run thoughs you ask? Well, I have NO earthy idea what I want to do with my hair so mom's student will be "playing" with it to give me a better idea before I meet with Nicole. Why is my mom not doing my hair? I love my mother and we have a great relationship, and we want to be as relaxed as possible on W-Day, and any stress we can eliminate we are knocking out!

What I do know:
  • Its all up or all down, no half up and down (yuck)!
  • I hate hair in my face.
  • I have really long hair that is naturally curly so any chance of moisture on W-Day we are dunzo!
  • With my dress I think Up is the better choice.
  • Other than that, I am clueless. LOL

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