Monday, August 24, 2009

Where is your focus?

D and I had a great weekend with family and friends celebrating milestones and happy times. We were overwhelmed, and full of love yesterday with our shower in Kentucky, D's and his family are respected and well loved in his hometown and it showed, we had to leave gifts at his parents house that we couldn't fit in the car! We can't say Thank you enough!

Last week D rented 'Fireproof' the sleeper hit in the Christian community about making a marriage work against all odds. I had seen the movie a few month's ago while D was outta town, so when he rented it I was happy to watch it with him. I think it is great for a couple to see what work a marriage is, and how it will NOT nurture and take care of itself. A marriage is work, and takes your commitment and time. Everything will NOT be as wonderful, happy, and easy as they are right now while we are still excited about getting to our big day. The high will eventually ware off (BOOOOOOOO!).

Here are some stats for you:
  • Divorce rate in the U.S. is between 40-50% broken down over many demographics ( stats)
  • Persons who remarry have a 60% chance of seeking a divorce (stats)
  • Couples who go to church together, the divorce rate is the same as the national average (stats)
  • Couples who go to church AND PRAY together the divorce rate is LESS than 1% (stats)
No brainer right? You go to church together, worship, pray, and meet each others conditions and you are pretty set. I know this isn't always so easy, but it always ticks me off when people just say forget it and never give their marriage a fighting chance (THIS MEANS YOU JON & KATE)!!!! Nurture each other, pray for each other, and keep God as the #1 priority and focus of your marriage.

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