Wednesday, August 26, 2009


We are in the home stretch! We are T-Minus 1 month and counting! I really can't believe how it has snuck up on us, then again we did this all in 100 days!

Updates from this week:
  • Monday night my mom, my brothers girlfriend, and I put together the first tissue paper pomander, it was surprisingly much easier than I thought, then again 3 of us and one pomander was cake! I think now we have the hang of it, the next 5 will go much easier.
  • Hair run through #1 was a eye opener, I still have NO earthly idea how I want my hair, and my veil is a bust, so I am on a mad hunt for a new one. The one I bought is just to darn big for the look I am going for.
  • I have confirmed all of my vendors at the 1 month mark (VERY IMPORTANT TO DO), Lottie my coordinator will do this again at the 1 week mark. I am meeting with her this weekend to finalize all itineraries and last minute details. *IMPORTANT NOTE HERE: Check your vendor contracts, many balances are due 30 to 15 days before the wedding.
  • I gave in and rented 180 black folding chairs, I just could not do white, and I got a great deal from Grand Central Party Rentals at $1.10 a chair. Not to mention they set em' up and take them home!
I am a known procrastinator, and I have lived my life my the rule "Oh, I'll get it done" let me advise you to NOT use this mentality with your wedding especially if you are doing 85% of it yourself like we are. Make your life easier by spreading craft and DIY projects out and not cramming them all in the week of the wedding, you'll go nuts!

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