Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Moon Pies and ALE81?

So, I am trying my best to incorporate Kentucky and Tennessee theme's throughout our wedding (not the sports teams, just culture), just little details here and there. So today I had a great Idea, I was looking on and their DIY section. They have the cutest little moonpie favors you can DIY.

Note: Moonpies are made right here in Chattanooga, TN, and culture says you should have a Moonpie and RC Cola. So I thought about this soda that D always has to buy when we are in KY, its called Ale-8-One, the soft drink unique to Kentucky, has been bottled in Winchester since 1926. Do you see where I am going here? So instead of MoonPie's and RC, how about MoonPie's and Ale-8-One? Moonpie's are cheap, I am not sure about the soda, so we shall see. If not it will be a nice throw back to more simpler times.

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