Tuesday, September 8, 2009

18 Days....

We are slowly rounding 3rd base as we approach the home stretch to W-Day! 18 days seems like a lot, but once you break down what needs to be done, it gets a little overwhelming. I am slowly starting to lose my cool, strong, demeanor, and have turned into what I imagine a pregnant lady is like post pregnancy, crying at the drop of a hat when I see sappy lovey dovey things, when Dave says something sweet, or when he talks at all for that matter. Luckily, I have been told this is COMPLETELY normal. I spent all evening going though ALL my childhood photos for the slide show, man what a wild ride that was.

So here is an update and what is up next:
  1. Finalize ceremony outline with preacher so I can print my programs
  2. Finalize rehearsal dinner menu
  3. Finalize music selections with DJ
  4. Finalize times with caterer for day before and day of!
  5. Finish last 4 Paper Pomanders for pews
  6. Date set aside for marriage license is September 24th
Guest response cards are due back this Saturday the 12th for the Reception and Rehearsal dinner so after that I will call my wine man to finalize the wine count. I am saving a trip to Atlanta by getting my wine at $4.99 a bottle through a friend whos dad owns a liquor store in town, after you add the gas, time, and lugging charge I am coming in about the same on my wine budget.

I am marrying a truly wonderful man, who has looked at me not ten, but twenty times this weekend and said "its all going to come together, and be ok" as I blubber like a small child, I am so blessed to have his patience! LOL

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  1. Everything going on now is very normal. All of your family and friends are so happy for you and couldn't have picked a better man for you to spend the rest of your life with. Just take it one day at a time and it is all going to turn out perfect, and if for some reason some little something doesn't go just exactly like you wanted it to it will be still be perfect. Because you will still be married. I want you to look back and say this was the happiest time of your life. I know this may seem a little sad but I can't help but think that your 4 grandparents that are not going to be here to help celebrate this wonderful day with you may have been doing a little match making for you themselves.
    Love, Mom