Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We finished the tissue paper poms last night! WOOT big shout out to my mama who is the best tissue paper fluffer in the south! I couldn't NOT have done it without her help! In the DIY department all we have left are putting ribbons on 150 programs, and I am going to bake some cookies for the Welcome Bags for our Hotel guest, other than that we are ALL set! I do have a few 'to dos' left.....Might I say I am the most calm I have been in weeks this week? Shocked? I sure am, guess the freak out's early on helped out!
  • Wednesday pick up Wine from Warehouse
  • Thursday Marriage License!
  • Thursday hang black cloth to 'black out' the baptistry at Church
  • Thursday set up sound system and slide show at Church (perks of it being our home Church)
  • Thursday move all "church" furniture from pulpit area
  • Thursday set up tables for Rehearsal Dinner
  • Thurday Dave to pick up Tux's at MW
  • PICK UP BM Chelsea at the airport!!!!!!
  • Friday pick up Keg's and put on Ice
  • Friday make sure all other "airport" guest are picked up by Army Buddy
  • Friday drop off "Welcome" bags at the Hotel for out of town guest
  • Friday pick up Candelabra's at 12 take to Church and set up!
  • Friday set up Reception venue with Bridesmaids, Mom, and Florist
  • Friday get a manicure! This is a priority! LOL
  • Friday rehearse, and eat!
  • Saturday get gussied up, Marry the most wonderful man I know, Shake it on the Dance Floor!

Seems like a lot, but most stuff will be knocked out in one fail swoop, that is why D, mom, dad, and myself are ALL off work Thursday-the Weekend, plus we have lots of LOTS of helpful hands coming to pitch in! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE TO MY AWESOME FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!

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  1. I hope I feel this calm! Love that you had Grey's Anatomy in your list - love that show.