Monday, September 14, 2009

Manic Monday

12 days to go and I have some things left on my do to list! I spent most of my weekend in the car, so I didn't tackle 1 more Tissue Paper Pom like I wanted to, so I guess that will get done tonight.

With 12 days to go here is what is left:
  1. 4 more Pomanders to construct
  2. Assemble the programs after the Preacher signs off on the ceremony
  3. Get a list of Vendors to the Coordinator
  4. Meet with Coordinator to finalize Day of activities
  5. Delegate music duties to cousin who used to be DJ for the ceremony
  6. Get 1st dance songs to actual DJ for the Reception
  7. Final guest count is in, inform Caterer

I am trying to get as much done this week as I can so next week is as stress free as possible. Leaving just loose ends and any crisis' that may arise to be dealt with. My stress level is pretty low, I hope it continues for the next 12 days!

P.S. if you are bored this weekend feel free to drop in bring a bottle of wine and get crafty!

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