Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is that a bird in her hair?

So I think it is no secret my love for the Birdcage Veil. I think they are so unique, fashion forward and fabulous, but I am willing to accept that not everyone has a love for the birdcage. I can hear it now as I walk down the aisle "what the heck is that in her hair? Feathers, a bird?"
D asked me this weekend "Did you show my mom your veil" I said "no, I am afraid to" he just laughed.

For those that know me, taking a "risk" per se on my wedding day with a relatively new accessory doesn't' surprise you, but Birdcage veils aren't really all that new, they are just becoming a little more affordable, wearable, and even more Fabulous!

My hairdresser for the wedding said "Amber, you are the only person I know that could pull this off" that was all I needed to hear, thanks Nicole! :)

Here are some VERY AFFORDABLE examples from the intranets: (click their links)
From Brenda's Bridal Veils:

Kasia Fink:

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