Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So I'm Irish...

If you didn't already know, and I wanted to incorporate as many (there are TONS) Irish Traditions as I could into my wedding Ceremony. Here are a few things we are doing.

  • It is an Irish Tradition to ring a bell for the dead (no it isn't morbid), you read their names and ring a bell to signal there spirit to this place.
  • I have a bagpiper
  • My future sis-in-law will be reading the Irish Wedding Blessing during the lighting of the Unity Candle.
  • Dave and I will see each other before the wedding believe it or not, that is good luck in the Irish culture.
  • I will be carrying my baby bonnet, that with the snip of a few stitches turns into a hanky!

A few Traditions that we decided to skip:
  • If the bride's mother-in-law breaks a piece of wedding cake on the bride's head as she enters the house after the ceremony, they will be friends for life.
  • When leaving the church, someone must throw an old shoe over the bride's head so she will have good luck

Here is one for you:
"Slainte," pronounced SLAWN-cha, is a familiar Irish toast!



  1. Hi, I found you via Budget Savvy Bride today. Loved your wedding. Can't believe it was so beautiful and on a budget!

    I'm 21 days out and thought I'd read through some of you older posts to see how you felt at the same place in the planning!

    I can totally see why you didn't go with those last two traditions - I think if Mr B's mother crumbled cake on my head I would want to punch her. Ha.

    I do love the bell idea.

  2. I'm Irish-as in, I was born, raised, and live in Ireland-and none of these traditions are typical in Irish weddings. Bell's are rung for the dead only on All Hallow's Eve, and bagpipes are Scottish, not Irish. Uillean pipes are Irish-they round completely different by the way. Traditionally brides and grooms do not see each other before the ceremony-it's bad luck. Irish brides keep the top tier of their wedding cake for the baptism of their first born child. I've never heard of it being broken over the brides head.