Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'll take Cheesy Love songs for $200!

Music is what drives me in this hectic world. Its what keeps me moving when I want to quit, its the first thing I listen to in the morning, and I play it ALL day. Its like Therapy, so when I was presented with the task of the "First Dance" songs, I was like shoot, how do I pick JUST ONE, but I tell you it was easier than I thought. Music speaks to me (no, not like Dr. Doolittle) and these songs spoke to me and make the list for The Reception.

Reception Play List:
D and Amber's First Dance-"You are the best thing" by Ray Lamontagne
I think the title pretty well sums it up, it's hip, has a nice groove and doesn't take itself to seriously, a lot like D and myself!

Father Daughter Dance- "I loved her first" by Heartland
If I can get though it without crying it will be a miracle, my father picked this one out himself.

Mother Son Dance- "Godspeed Little Man" by Dixie Chicks
This song couldn't be more perfect for Dave, he is my little dreamer and every baby, and child picture we found he was playing dress up and using his big imagination.

All other songs for the Reception will consist of Hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and Today so bring your BOOGIE SHOES, we are going to be cutting a rug!!! As I mentioned before my DJ is a hoot, he used to be a Back-Up Dancer for MC Hammer and anyone who has been to his show can tell me he is A BLAST, not to mention REASONABLY priced! Vendor Shout Out to Johnny Gardner 615-384-7799!!!

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  1. Back up dancer for MC Hammer - that is too cool for words! Love music you can sing along to.